“wherever you go, there you are”

Kyle Johnson“Wherever you go, there you are.” — Jon Kabat-Zinn We’re all searching for meaning, all searching for answers, all searching for ways to make sense of the paths we’re walking, the bodies we’re inhabiting, the lips we’re kissing. We’re all longing to understand, to know, to feel, to find who we are and the…

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deep breaths are extremely powerful. and I didn’t realize how powerful until a couple of days ago. really breathing through pain and uncomfortable moments has a profound impact on the brain, heart, and soul.

you see, I’m still on this journey to let things go. let the past go. let the pain from the past go. forge something new….a new attitude, a new perspective, a new outlook, a new feeling on the inside. It feels impossible some days…some days I would rather curl up in a ball on my couch and let the world pass by me. Some days the energy to change just feels too much and it’s easier to sit in my old ways. However, I have learned this week that I need to give myself a real chance to be different, do different, think different, treat myself different. If I can start to treat myself with the love I treat those I love most, maybe things really would be different & maybe, just maybe, I would treat others with even more love than I feel I do now.

I have spent enough time beating myself up… not trusting my own decisions & feelings and losing my sense of self. I have worried so much about what everyone else thinks about me, my choices, my behaviors, that I have lost a huge part of who I am. I believed myself to be strong & independent but I was not living that way at all. And it’s OK that I wasn’t. It’s OK. Everyone has their seasons of this I feel…it’s human nature to care what other people think about you. It’s natural to want to have the desire to make others happy. But I have learned it’s most important to make yourself happy regardless of what the rest of the world is telling you. You have to find it within yourself to be happy with whatever season your in and wherever you are sitting. You have a voice. You have a powerful, beautiful, strong voice. Use it. Use it for good. Use it to create for you. Living in fear (whatever fear may look like to you) does not serve you. It holds you back from being your full beautiful powerful amazingly wonderful self. Don’t let the opinions or thoughts of others hold you back. Don’t let the negativity that surrounds you, hold you back. Breathe through it all and let go and trust yourself. (and honestly, as I type you….I’m really talking to myself here.)

It’s OK to have been in this season. It’s OK to have challenges and struggles of self-identity and with who and where you put your value. The important part is that it has been identified now and you have the ability to change this. You don’t have to stay in the same place. I have struggled with the ability to change but I can change too. I’m more than capable and the possibility of creating something and someone new for myself could be the answer to my all of my prayers. God is right there with me and while I don’t always recognize or consciously remember that, I know He’s there….guiding, encouraging, pushing me on with His plans.

You have so much to offer yourself, your family, your friends, the world & you haven’t even tapped into all of it yet. You are capable of any and everything and moving on from the past and seeing it as learning experiences and what you needed at that time to get you to where you are now. Forgive yourself and others will continue to help clear and pave the way for where you’re supposed to be going and who you’re supposed to be.

Breathing through the release of letting go….just breathing…..shed the old and trust in God and yourself to create something amazing. Just breathe, it’s all going to be OK.