2014: the year of change, new experiences, and taking risks

2014. two thousand and fourteen. 

Jason says that this year is the year of change according to a lot of scientists and astrologers just because of how the stars and planets are aligned. I would love to believe him because I need some change, good change in my life. And I think I am well on my way to it by how 2013 ended. 

2013 was definitely not 100% perfect, but what really is that perfect? Nothing in life can never always be perfect, no matter how much we wish, pretend, or believe it to be.

I had my share of challenges and frustrations but I also had my share of victories and THAT IS what I’m choosing to focus on. I became a more confident person and was willing to own up to my mistakes and struggles and now- I have no fear in facing them. I still feel I owe Jason for helping me become more brave but I know it’s a combination. Facing up to something that made me feel weak was definitely extremely challenging but it was worse living the unhappy and unsatisfied life I lived most of 2013. I still relied 100% on others to make me happy and can now proudly say that I rely on MYSELF 100% to be happy. THAT, my friends, is THE ONE thing I am MOST proud of. Anyone who knows me, knows that I was terrible about being alone: absolutely terrible. I would avoid at any and all cost. Now: I am happy to be alone and actually WELCOME it!! Can you believe that?! 

2014 is going to be MY year. My time to shine, to continue to change and improve, make mistakes- MY mistakes, travel, explore new places, new people. I’m ready. I am finally confident enough in myself that I’m not being held back anymore. I’ve always had this drive in me to do and be what I just wrote about but there were quite a few things holding me back and now that I’m working through them, I’m ready…to actually enjoy my life. It’s about time right?? No more worrying about every little thing in the future, or worrying about what this one minor decision will do. It will all work out in the end and I am confident in that now. 

I am going to go visit my friends- first will be to Vegas to visit Sammy. The next will be to Kansas City to see Carlee, then Milwaukee to visit Kaitlin, then to Cali to see Theresa, then hopefully to Boston to see Jeanine. My friends live in AWESOME places and I want to experience those WITH them. I love my friends and I miss them. I want to experience their post-college life too. 

I am ready to just dive into all the things I’ve dreamed of doing but couldn’t because I was holding myself back.Things like traveling, getting to know new people, doing different activities and going on adventures. Any & everything that comes my way, I’m going to do it…even if it is a risk. Life isn’t worth living unless you actually LIVE IT. And that’s my motto this year. 

As C.S. Lewis said, “There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” and I am fully on board with this sentiment. 2013 and past years had good things but there are greater things in front of me and I’m ready to embrace them all. 

Much love to those who read…