giving thanks

I feel that I often write about how thankful, grateful, blessed I am at any and all times during the year. But this time of year, I find myself thinking about it more and really contemplating all the wonderful people, experiences, and things I have in my life. I know how much the people and experiences shape who I am right at this moment and that makes me feel so much joy. It’s hard for me to describe just how deep the gratitude and happiness goes I have for those in my life, right at this moment. The lessons I have learned from each of them is remarkable and I hope each of them know just how much what they say and do for me impacts my daily life. I have no doubt that I would not be the person I am today without them. To each of you- family member and friends- just know how deep my gratitude and love runs for you and I will forever try to do what you have done for me. 

Being thankful is second nature to me. I feel like I am always thanking someone or being thankful for random things. I wish that thankful feeling would translate into me being happier, but I’m working on being more that way.  I have even learned to be appreciative for the not so good moments as well because I know those make me stronger and better equipped to face future hardships I will run into. The lessons I’ve learned from the not so great times have proved to be the best and most worthwhile lessons. People will continue to disappoint me and fall short of what I expect of them (I’m working on trying to be less demanding) but I need to be thankful for all I have. So many people don’t have a solid group of friends or family to support them through their triumphs and struggles. 

This Thanksgiving, I encourage all to remember everything they have been blessed with and focus on those things instead of the negative parts of life. Remember those people who have helped you through both the good and bad times and let them know how much their support, love, and encouragement means to you. I know that’s what I plan on doing. 

Giving thanks–it’s what the day is all about. 


Travel in the 20s

Travel in the 20s

This list has just provided me with my goal for the rest of my 20s. I want to visit each of these cities with my friends.

Thankfully- I have visited 2 already- Asheville and Savannah and can easily get to a few others- Kansas City, Omaha, and Ocean City, MD. BUT this list covers the whole country and that’s what makes this list so cool. I want to see all of the country including places like Missoula, Portland, and Seattle. I’m SO excited about this list!! I’m going to start saving and planning. Who’s with me??