Life it’s such a funny thing. And yes, I am very well aware how cliche that statement is. However, when you really sit back, breathe it in, and observe how life happens–it’s just funny.

Quick life update: I started my new job at Townsquare Interactive last week but my first “real” week was this week. I really do like it–I do sit alone at the front which has led to the extreme reflection. But I know that this job change is the start of something new and good for me. The job duties are going to be better and require me to think and analyze more and actually use the skills I have. I also have more autonomy and the ability to freely speak my mind about how I think processes could be improved.  And while I feel lonely at the moment and I don’t have a lot of interaction with a lot of people during the day, I think that time will change that and before I know it, I will feel right at home. I do have to say, driving 10 minutes max one way a day has been so GLORIOUS! I absolutely could not be more grateful for that. It’s just absolutely perfect.  I have come home at lunch a few days to let Lilly out and yesterday Jason and I got to have lunch together which I really enjoyed too. It’s just the little things that I don’t always have to miss out on anymore and that will make the challenges I’m facing right now will be worth it.  Stay tuned for more developments on the job front.

Reflecting can really make one grateful for what you have and realize how much you have grown. Some people are there to witness parts, listen to it after the fact, or be there for every single struggle and success.

Thankfully for me, that one person is my current rooms. I owe him way more than a ‘thank you’ for his patience and loyalty to our friendship. We’ve gone from being sort of friends, travel buddies in Florence, adventure partners back at Elon, and now roommates. When I first went to college, I never thought that my best friend would be an extremely opinionated and sassy gay guy. Let alone living together for another year.

A quick story on how we got to where are now. I give Taylor credit because she is the one who introduced Jason and I. Taylor and I have been friends since the 2nd week of freshman year and had weekly dinners. At said dinners, she would share these stories about this guy who lived on the 1st floor of their building who always overshared about his personal life and always had a dramatic flair. But, they always brought both of us laughs and I always looked forward to the next story that she would share about this guy.  Then, spring of freshman year, I had the privilege of finally putting a face to the name. We may have met before that but I’m really not sure. I remember I was in Taylor’s room with her and Mauria and Jason comes strutting through the doors, pulls his sunglasses off, places his hand on his hip, and continue with his sassy tale. And that’s the start of it.

We then ended up going on the same abroad trip which is where we got really close. Our group was: Elizabeth, Peter, Jason, and I. The 4 of us did basically everything together and Jason, Elizabeth, and I would have good long talks late at night where we all got to know each other better. I wasn’t sure how going abroad with him would work because Jeanine had kind of pre-warned me that he would probably hang out with another girl on our trip but “good luck” was her main piece of advice. Every single person on our trip did a lot of growing and changing during our time there- us included in that. But somehow we grew closer as friends and that just continued on post Italy back at Elon.

Our trip abroad was 3, almost 4 years ago, which in and of itself is so weird to think about. I have changed SO much since then and I’m so glad Jason was there to help me through it. The last 2 years of college just solidified that Jason and I were going to be life long friends. We had too many adventures to count, went on a some trips, laughed, cried, were apart of different groups, argued, listened, gave and received advice, and developed one of the best friendships I could have ever asked for or imagined.

A year and a half ago when we both decided we were going to move to Charlotte, we went to look at apartments together. I know we were both kind of guessing we would end up living together but we never really talked about it. I was nervous how our friendship would change if we lived together because that happened to me in the past and I was not willing to risk losing him as my friend. Anyways, we both took a lot of time to think about it and despite what many of our friends thought, we took the plunge and lived together. It made me question my decision when it basically seemed that no one agreed with our decision. It was definitely not the most easy transition especially because we were going through our own post-college struggles.

Again, there were a lot of arguments, fights, tears but there were more fun adventures, laughs, stories shared, advice given, and growth both as individuals and friends.

Jason’s patience with me is truly a miracle. Over the years, I know I have tested it beyond recognition but somehow, he is still willing and wanting to be my friend. And that is something I don’t think I will ever be able to share how grateful I am.  Jason has helped me to be a better version of myself. He has helped me to be honest and evaluate myself; to be more self-aware of when I am getting over emotional or just being ridiculous. He has been the most honest with me about his opinions on any situation and that has made me to be more honest with him and others that I may have disagreements with.  I am a stronger person now then I was even senior year of college! While I met Jason because of Taylor I know that it was God’s plan to bring him in my life to teach me about the harsh reality of life and how to deal with it in a more rational and healthy way. And to help me grow into the person I am supposed to be. 4 years ago I would have never thought that I could feel so truly grateful for having this friend in my life.

That’s why this post is about reflection. I’ve been reflecting on the person I was pre-Jason and who I have become since being friends with him. I know not all the credit goes to him, but right now at this moment, he gets a lot of it. I feel like I have gotten stronger and can face more challenges and adversity then I would have if I didn’t have his honest views.  I hope and pray that no matter where life takes us, when we aren’t living together anymore, we will be as close as we are right at this moment. This wonderful friend has turned into family and that for me is truly a blessing.

Even though this post may seem totally strange and messed up, it’s how I feel and I don’t feel bad about feeling so blessed and grateful. I think that no matter what happens, I will always feel this way.

Reflection: it’s a blessing to be able to see your personal growth and be able to see who helped you get there.

All my love and gratitude…