Fall of Change

My last blog was from December 2012?!?!? How did that even happen?? I do so well for a little bit and then before I know it’s been almost a year since I last blogged. But maybe that’s good because that means I’m in a better place where I don’t feel sad or the need to blog. 

Quite a bit has happened in life since December…as it should be…but most of what’s happened was from April on. 

I have turned 23, went to Kiawah a couple times, went home twice, had a couple more deaths in our family (not directly affecting me but my brothers and nephews and nieces), searched for and got a dog, moved apartments and in effect, decided to stay in Charlotte, and quit my job. A lot of life has happened and some of it was easy and some was hard to go through but I did and feel stronger for it. 

I guess the biggest decisions I made were to stay in Charlotte and quit my job. Both were not easy but I feel confident in my decisions. I am not ready to go home yet and really felt my time here was not done. I want to enjoy my life here and want to be happy and I think changing jobs will be the start of that. I am scared about leaving one of the only stable things in my life here but I know it’s for the best. The drive, work load, and lack of growth opportunities just made it too unbearable. It’s probably the biggest risk I’ve taken in my life so I just hope it pays off. It’ll be hard to be unemployed for a while but I’m trying to be patient and rely on God to carry me through it. 

I also bought a dog-Lilly, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi. She is now 10 months old and is a really great dog. She is really well trained for a puppy and Jason and I have had little trouble adjusting to her and her to us. I really love having her because she brings me a lot of joy especially when I was feeling down and out about work. It’s something I have to be responsible for so I don’t just worry about myself all the time. I can still do things and live my life but now I have a responsibility, which is a good life change. 

Life with Lilly and Sass are going nicely. I couldn’t imagine not having her in my life and as always, Jason is as patient as ever. And his patience is something I’m always going to be grateful for, no matter what. I know I am not the easiest person to deal with and emotional outbursts are never warranted and always dramatic but somehow, we’re still friends through it. People don’t give him enough credit sometimes because it’s not always noticed, but I notice and appreciate more than not. 

And while I hate change with a burning passion, I truly believe that the changes I’m making are going to be for my benefit and long-term happiness. 

And now I’m going to dive into this fall of change…