november goals

I’ve really enjoyed keeping up my blog because it helps me filter and figure out my thoughts about work, friends, family, and just life in general.

I was scrolling through twitter today, as is my ritual, and my friend from home said she’s trying to commit to saying one thing she’s thankful for a day. And I thought that was a great idea! While I am normally pretty good about being thankful for the things in my life, I thought I need to be more active in actually writing them down and even remembering the really simple things in life. So that is my goal–to blog weekly in November and just writing down the things I am most thankful for at that time.

So here’s the start of that: for some reason, since I’ve been out of college, I’ve been thinking a lot more about when I was a little kid and just how special those memories are to me. Halloween was always a particularly special time in my life because my aunt, Di, always made it so awesome. Most years, until I was 12 or so, she made my costumes and there were always¬†so creative and just really special. I became so grateful for those times and that they stood out enough that I still remember them like they were yesterday. It also made me miss the simplicity of those times and encouraged me to think more simplistically about things now. As I got older, like we all do, everything got so complicated which made me, at times, very unhappy. SO I’m going to try and look at things differently–not over analyze every little word said to me, or take everything so personally–just plain and simple. I think it’ll be a good start to also being more appreciative of everything.

On keeping with the simpler tone, I was looking around this morning and tonight on my drive and just looked at all the fall colors and how beautiful they all are. It’s such a cool thing to see how drastically leaves can change in such a short amount of time. I know, how totally cliche and lame is that statement? But if you think about it–it’s pretty cool.

To sum up my corny and kind of weird goals–I’m excited to actively think of things daily that I’m thankful for because it will help the over arching goal of this blog–positivity.

Happy November to all!