that did not last.

wellllll I made it 6 days.  only 6. I’m a little mad at myself because I wasn’t able to stay off for a long time.  BUT I decided slash justified my reasoning BECAUSE I purged for a while, got re-situated with my life and so now I’m going to modify how much I get on it.  I will try and not get on it automatically but let’s be realistic, I’m not going to never get on it again.  I realized how much people rely on Facebook to send information and just how much everyone uses it to communicate to everyone.  SO. I decided that it’s okay to have it and just not get on it every second.  It was really hard not to get on Facebook but I felt accomplished that I didn’t get on it for a whole 6 days.

With that being said, I am back on Facebook. WHOO. whatever, I just need to stay off it more.

Commence: new plan.